GUSS expert ERP  

The GUSS expert ERP solution is specifically designed to be used by process manufacturer, be it a foundry of any kind or your plastic injection moulding business. The sometimes rather complex production process will be supported by GUSS expert. From the production planning to the writing of delivery notes including the collection of all quality relevant data for test certificates.

The word GUSS expert derives from the German word for casting (Guss). Our commitment and experience of many years in the area of process manufacturing businesses will be used by our team to optimally consult you on your own way to your unique industry 4.0.

GUSS expert is designed multilingual. For information in your native language, click on your country flag at the top right corner.

GUSS expert is designed in a modular way. Be it the module for sales or purchase processes, all modules can work separated from each other as well as intertwined with each other. A step-by-step implementation, depending on your needs, will be supported and accompanied by our staff.

The GUSS expert ERP solution contains the following modules:

-Product planning
-Sales management
-Production planning and control
-Production data capturing
-Quality management
-Purchase and material management
-Inventory and stock management
-Maintenance solution
-Document management
-Management Information System

Together with GUSS expert on your way to Industry 4.0!

GUSS expert will be your partner in reshaping your business into a business as intended by the fourth industrial revolution.

Paperless production, timely feedback of production orders, complete capturing of staff work time, central data bank solution and a sophisticated reporting (MIS) is incorporated into GUSS expert.

Extensive parameterisation possibilities, various different configuration setups and the option of program additions anytime provide you with the opportunity to create your own digital twin of your business.

GUSS expert works together complementary with additional developments made by us:

-BDE expert
    your production data capturing tool using industrial PC

-PZE expert
    your tool for staff time logging and area access control

-MER expert
    your mathematical data analysis tool

-MDE expert
    your tool for machine data capturing and production control

    the online MIS solution

-Data Warehouse
your big data analysis solution

-Report expert
all data readily available

For many years GUSS expert already works with interfaces to software solutions of financial and payroll systems as well as to external data capturing solutions.

GUSS expert adjusts itself to your custom needs to create a holistic solution for your business.

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