Stock taking and stock management

Stock taking and stock management as a part of the material management are the connecting element between customer sales management, production planning and control and the purchase department.

Serial production process manufacturing highly depends on a sophisticated stock management, while the individual manufacturer might not depend on it as much, but as requirements for lean management methods are getting more important, the importance of a sophisticated stock management is getting more important as well.


GUSS expert supports you in your endeavour to improve overview and transparency using the following features:

      -Master data management for articles, inventories and material resource planning.

      -Article account: Management and comparison of requirements
     derived from production orders and orders.

      -Needs assessment for multiple MRP-types incorporating minimal and safety stock levels.

      -Stock management corresponding to freely configurable warehouses
     (shop-floor stock, external stock, stock for finished articles etc.)

      -Monitoring of actually used input material of the melting department in a foundry.

      -Stock taking management (yearly or monthly):
     Stock assessment according to production costs or prices subject to escalation.

      -Monitoring of used purchase articles in connection with production data feedback.

      -Automatic capturing of materials used by the scale for charge-make-up,
     as used by the foundry industry.

      -Statistics to material transaction and usage.

      -All features mentioned above are supported by EDI and
     automated material resource planning functionality for all purchase articles
     and for production planning.

The feature for stock taking for purchase and production articles is available in the standard package.

Stock taking can be done separately for:

      -Article groups
      -Manufacturing processes
      -Article characterisation
      -Article number

All stocked articles and their respective transactions are logged. Monetary stock assessment is done by using interfaces to third party finance and accounting systems.

Overview and transparency of all stock transaction including over of your warehouses is ensured at all times.

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