Report Cube

Using the Report Cube you can analyze data, generate cross tables and create report and graphic with a minimum of spent time.
The Report Cube is a practical tool for quick and analytical evaluation of big data volume (key word: Big Data)

The data pool can be worked with in real time using multiple display angles and levels for analyzing.

Scope of features and your advantages using the IPS Expert Report Cube:

       -Offline availability: No network connection required

       -Capable of quick and efficient data analysis using data formatting

       -Various views on your data

       -Frequently used views and evaluations can be saved

       -Data cube can be downloaded automatically in set interval

       -Export your views to Excel, Word or HTML

       -SQL capable data base connection

All cube data is easily arrangeable using drag&drop. The new view is automatically created in the background by the Report Cube.


Shown is the evaluation view of all order type data for each quarter and year. By moving just one data field, the view changes from showing all order types to production orders for each quarter and year.

You can find additional product information about the Report Cube here.

The Report Cube is part of the wholesome analysis tool concept Report expert.


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