Report Designer

Configuring your forms to your unique requirements?

Use the possibilities of the Report Designer!

The Report Designer is a software tool for individually adjusting forms, which are created automatically by an ERP system, according to customer requirements or company-specific guide lines. In the standard setting, the Report Designer is configured for the in-house development ERP solution GUSS expert.

Scope of features of the Report Designer are:

     -Configuration of form layout

     -Different layouts for each customer and different languages configurable

     -Support of usual codes to use with scanners

     -Easy operating through using the drag & drop user interface

     -Dynamic loading and display of information are done by SQL queries to the data base

     -Integrated e-mail dispatch

Using the Report Designer, new or existing data fields can easily be added to the display using drag & drop.

The connection to a document management system allows for displaying e.g. images on forms.

In addition to displaying images on costing form, all pictures can also be added to delivery notes or work documents to help in identifying your products.

Integration of 1D or 2D barcodes (QR-Code, Code39, EAN128, PDF417, DataMatrix) to support the management of stock transaction and production feedback.

IPS Expert offers you a way to configure all forms to your individual needs yourself, using this easy to operate software tool. 
But we are also happy to support you in creating your forms for you.

Here you will find additional product information.

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