Data Warehouse

What is a data warehouse?

The designation data warehouse is used, when separated data sources are to be consolidated. The term Big Data is often used in connection with the term data warehouse.

A Data Warehouse is used in performance management to analyze company key figures separated from operative data. A Data Warehouse becomes necessary, when key performance indicators in a corporate structure have to be analyzed, compared and displayed centrally. Data Warehouses restructure data which comes from differently structured data sources.

What kind of data can be consolidated?

Generally speaking, all data can be consolidated. The most common use is to consolidate financial data to analyze business processes (revenue figures, price comparison etc.).

Additionaly, it can be used to create and display the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE key figure) of multiple, separate production sites as well.

How can we help you?

The IPS Expert team consists of skilled personnel with IT and industry background. We support you during the process of data consolidation and create your required analysis.

Using our background and experience in organizational projects, we also support you in the capturing of data, which usually can be hard to capture, thus giving you the overview you require.


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