Production data capturing using “BDE expert”

Production data and the capturing of it are a fundamental part of your business process and basis for your success. Therefore, the efficient capturing of this data becomes more important. BDE expert offers you a solution to be perfectly equipped for the future. The BDE expert module consists of the sub modules of production data acquisition, personnel time logging and machine data acquisition. All sub modules can be used together seamlessly as well as separately.

The scope of features of the production data acquisition (MES) are as followed:

     -Order related capturing of work time and produced quantity
     -Automatic warehouse entries
     -Capturing of production time and overhead costs using the time line configuration
     -Paperless production using online work lists
     -Continuous post-costing
     -Capturing of interruption duration and cause
     -Capturing of produced quantity and scrap
     -Provision of documents used on the shop-floor-level

Due to its freely configurable user interface, the BDE expert solution can be used in any industry branch. The widest used area of application is with work tasks with a high part of manual labour, where the sole capturing of machine data is not practical.

The BDE expert solution is already used in numerous foundries, injection casting companies and engineering companies.

To be suited for any number of requirements, all feedback terminals and jobs requiring feedback are freely configurable.

BDE expert is developed as a shop-floor-solution using industrial PCs. We suggest the use of industrial PCs with a protection class of IP65 for rough work environments. We would be looking forward to select a partner with you, who meets your requirements.

All data is stored in a modern, relational data base. Specific data analysis can done in a simple way using the integrated report generator and designer.

Here you will find additional information about our BDE expert solution.

Capturing your employees order-related work time and performance and therefore your actual production costs becomes increasingly more important for your company’s transparency.

Using the time line solution by BDE expert, we offer you a way to not only capture your employee’s presence time but a way to capture and allocate the presence time to order-related work time or overhead costs.

The state-of-the-art industrial PC solution allows for a timely and online work time feedback.
Writing of time sheets and entering those into the system becomes obsolete!

We are looking forward to consult you about your optimal application!

Increasing environmental constraints and costs require new solutions of your production control and communication with your employees!

The BDE expert worklist is your first step towards your paperless production!

All pending tasks are listed for your employees on a user interface on your PC. All production information is available online!

The worklist is connected with all production feedback and warehouse movements of the BDE expert system. We are looking forward to make your production feedback more efficient and consuming less paper.

Finden Sie weitere Informationen zu BDE expert in unserer Broschüre zum Download.

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