For 30 years, we are continually developing software solutions for the foundry industry. We engage in the consultation and the support of foundries in the organization and control of business processes.

We are focused on branch-specific software solutions to optimally support your business processes.

Using the experience of decades and state of the art software development tools and databases, we established a new standard for process manufacturers using.

GUSS expert can be used for all process manufacturers, ranging from sand mould casting to die casting foundries, precision and centrifugal casting foundries, as well as injection mould casting producers. We support all business and production processes regarding iron, non-ferrous metal casting and plastic injection businesses.

GUSS expert can be used for medium and small business and those wanting to grow fast.

GUSS expert works with interfaces to cooperate with overlaying systems, if needed.

Companies with multiple foundry locations worldwide are using GUSS expert.

GUSS expert can be translated into any language. Every user can work in its own language setting.

GUSS expert roughly translates to the German word for "casting expert", as GUSS expert was developed in Germany.

IPS Expert GmbH - participant of the funding project „Export Bavaria 3.0 – Go International (EFRE)“

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IPS Expert is exhibitor at the Metal + Metallurgy 2018 in Beijing.

IPS Expert GmbH is exhibitor at the GIFA 2019 which is held in Duesseldorf from the 25th to the 29th of June 2019.

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IPS Expert GmbH - participant of the funding project „Export Bavaria 3.0 – Go International (EFRE)“

In 2014, IPS expert made the decision to become active in the Chinese market. Using our contact with the company RHX (, we successfully held first meetings with the Chinese foundry association. On the 23rd October in 2014, a Chinese delegation was invited to visit our company in Würzburg, Germany. This lead to further contacts with the „QME“-group, which manufactures and delivers complete foundry installations. Our ERP solution „GUSS expert“ (GUSS being the German word for casting) was consistent with the portfolio. Following that meeting in Germany, further visits in Germany and China were made. In the meantime, our whole product information and the ERP solution was being translated into Chinese, which also made it necessary to update our software to Unicode-standard. All translation was done by external specialists, including a demo version of the ERP program. Specialists were needed for the translation of special, foundry-related vocabulary. 

Negotiations were even held to possibly start a joint venture with QME, but after consulting with the law firm Roedl & Partner , a cooperation contract regarding the supply of the “GUSS expert” software in China was signed, which resulted in the forming of a on-site team in China. Various participations in exhibitions were made (2x to the foundry-specific exhibition “Metal+Metallurgy Beijing” in 2018 and 2016) and other foundry meetings (multiple visits of the Green Foundry Forum Summit, see magazine “Gießerei”, issue 01/2016, p.48). During this time, various product presentations were held at Chinese foundry businesses. This included the translation of our product manual of a few hundred pages into Chinese. 

Beginning 2017, a contract with the Chinese foundry machinery company Suzhou Suzhu Foundry Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. was signed ( about a program for machine data capturing in a foundry in China. 

Ending of 2017, IPS Expert successfully signed a contract, about a pilot project for the ERP solution “GUSS expert”, with the company Dezhu Special Steel (DZTG or 德铸特钢有限公司). DZTG is part of the Qingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation (Group) Co. Ltd. (, which was formed following QME.

We hereby would also thank the European Fund for regional development of the European Union to fund this project. Reference number: W-002615

Metal+Metallurgy 2018 in Beijing

IPS Expert is exhibitor at the Metal & Metallurgy 2018, the China International Exhibition. Metal & Metallurgy will take place in Beijing from 2018/05/16 to 2018/05/19.
At our booth W4U01-2 in Hall 4 WEST you can inform about our ERP software solutions for foundries.