PZE expert – Personnel management

Human resources are the center of attention when looking to optimally plan and control personnel and costs.

To perfectly manage that potential requires a flexible system to manage your needs. You have found such a system in PZE expert.

Your advantages using PZE expert are:

     -Uncomplicated  capturing of presence time
     -Simple planning of vacation
     -Management of absence time planned and unplanned
     -Individual billing transactions as required
     -Personnel resource planning and shift schedules

-Cost control over Billing transaction management using interfaces to software systems for payroll and cost accounting

-Capturing of overhead cost activities for each cost centre or for specific projects

-Uncomplicated staff presence time overview for capacity planning

-Clear management of time accounts

-Quick cost centre changes for stand-ins

-Access control management for restricted areas

-Efficient evaluation of presence and absence time

-Connection of presence time to the BDE expert solution for production data capturing

-Work time management for optimizing personnel resource planning

Personnel resource planning is your highly functional addon to your staff time logging. Under consideration of work time models, vacation requests or other absence and overtime issues, all personnel can be planned easy and optimal.

Your advantages:

-Freely selectable planning horizon

-Easy selection and grouping functions

-Simple planning of permanent staff and stand-ins

-Full incorporation of work time models

-Clever planning of vacation time, overtime, etc.

-Clear graphical personnel resource plan with intuitive changing

-Central display of target/actual deviations with regarding of cost centres switches directly connected to the production data capturing system BDE expert

-Robust data for capacity calculation and planning

-Lucid display of over- and understaffing

The efficient and way to manage your staff’s PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and required qualification.

This addition to your personnel management contains the management and allocation of required PPE, training documents and execution, management of qualification validity and all necessary documents.

Never let important dates pass by unnoticed with integrated reporting function to remind you what is important.

Your win:

     - Save daily operation knwoing every employee is checked-up and trained

     - No more hectic searching for the right document

     - Development joined by industrial physician

Your shift schedule is displayed graphically.
Always have all the needed information at a glance!

You can find additional information to our PZE expert – Staff work time logging and access control system here.

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