MES with BDE expert

Today`s company success largely depends on the optimal guidance of its business process.

Capturing and evaluation of production and machine data is an integral part of this guidance. BDE expert as your production data capturing tool offers you the perfect combination solution. The system-integrated module solution for staff time logging PZE expert manages all working hours of your employees. The module for production data capturing incorporates production order working hours management and management of produced quantities, warehouse entries and overhead cost management directly in the system. The machine data capturing module MDE expert keeps you up-to-date with your current machine status and run time. BDE expert creates business transparency and increases productivity.

Production data capturing is an integral part of the ERP software solution GUSS expert.

Integrated features of production data capturing are:

     -Capturing of productive time incl. interruption duration and cause
     -automated warehouse entries
     -Allocation of spectrometer analysis result to entered casting batch
     -Scrap management and evaluation
     -Direct information flow to sales department

All features are connected to the GUSS expert addition BDE expert. BDE expert is the mobile shop-floor-solution for production data capturing, staff time logging and machine data capturing.





All captured actual time data of setup and work time periods is used for the subsequent process calculation for each sales order or time period. Feedback data is also used for automated warehouse entries.

Management of the goods and value flow is supported by the individually adjustable automated warehouse entries. Using production data capturing, together with the work and material plan, automated stock transactions of purchase and produced articles are configurable. The automatic booking of warehouse entries keeps you up to date with stock levels for pricy purchase articles and gives timely information about the production progress to the sales department.

The automatic creation of individual adjustable test certificates including all quality relevant key figures can be done in the GUSS expert quality module.
Each casting gets allocated to a batch. Each batch gets assigned the actual chemical composition from the spectrometer test result. This process simultaneously is used to inform the sales department of the started production process.



Quality management already benefits from the integrated capturing of article-related scrap key figures for the creation of your KPI.

Flow of information for sales and purchase department

All feedback regarding purchase material is saved and managed in article accounts. A stock transaction overview is created and serves as base for automatic scheduling of purchase articles.

All information relevant for sales processing is readily available in the sales information system.

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