Quality management

Test planning as basic requisite for successful quality management.

The main task of quality management is the analysis, supervision, control and documentation of all articles and processes in a business. As a planning tool, quality management is closely connected to product planning and test planning to analyze test results and create test certificates. All test certificates are configurable to unique customer specifications.


The following features are supported by test planning with GUSS expert:

      -Extra test instructions for every test
      -Automatic test result capturing using machine data connections
      -Integrated documentation of scrap production for every produced article
     using production data capturing
      -Complaint management incl. 8D Reports
      -Incoming goods inspection
      -Automated creation of individually adjustable test certificates


Especially developed for foundry businesses:

      -Management of planned charge including price history of purchase articles
      -Spectrometer analysis allocation to every batch with base and end analysis
      -Tracking of individual castings and batches available
      -Integration of melting control systems with feedback
     of target and actual consumption of material


All listed features are supported by complementary software tools:

      -Graphical evaluations using the configurable Report Designer
      -Cumulative frequency analysis
      -Test result analysis using the method of multiple, influencing variables calculation
     (correlation calculation) by MER expert

The integrated, article-specific scrap management points out critical developments. All data is automatically captured using production data feedback.

Defined scrap reasons and the evaluation of these are crucial in defining counter measures.

Creation and management of planned charge make-up for foundry businesses allow forward-looking planning and costing possibilities. Price developments are displayed directly to help decide on charge make-up variants.

GUSS expert complaint management

Working on and solving problems together with the customer creates transparency of your own processes.
GUSS expert supports you in doing so with the consistent quality management.

      -Freely definable defect causes
     Enter your defect causes the way you need them

      -Complete backtracking in the event of a complaint
     Analysis of defect causes for individual equipment, articles or batches

      -Cost overview
     Management of internal and external costs

      -Booking of quarantine inventory
     Automatic warehouse entries for internal and external quarantine inventories

      -Graphical display of reoccurring defects

Use the integrated scrap analysis or create your own after your preferences using the Report Designer or Dashboard.

For processing and the successful conclusion of your 8D reports, GUSS expert offers you:

      -Online documentation and access of 8D report files
     Documents can be downloaded and processed and loaded back up
     into the document management system.

      -Assigning of responsible persons with due date
     The integrated workflow management system supports you
     in your organizational process and handling of the 8D report

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