Purchase and material management

The Purchase and material management of GUSS expert is based on a solid master data management, which organizes the base data and uses it for all transactions. This master data is used for all purchase orders and inventory transactions.

Various ways of entering purchase orders and purchase types are available. Purchase requisitions can be approved by heads of department on multiple levels. Depending on the purchase value, all purchase orders can be subject to approval by the head of a department. Purchase order types range from simple material purchases up to complex investments.

All stock ingress is directly connected to purchase orders or return material. All stock withdrawal is connected with various entered warehouses and can be configured to be done automatically with entering of production data feedback. All stock movement is documented by the system with entered and calculated prices. Automatic capturing of incoming invoices. Data transfer to finance and accounting solutions is done by using configured interfaces and manageable through workflows.

Timely purchase order placement and delivery for demand- and stock-driven purchase articles is the main task of material resource planning (MRP). The MRP run for purchase orders includes the determination of the required quantity for production as well as ordered and stocked quantity. Excess ordering is mathematically impossible.


All inventory-managed articles are organized with quantity and the corresponding price subject to escalation. All needed documents belonging to articles and suppliers can be entered into the integrated document management system. Costing relevant purchase articles can be entered into pool of costs. Data transfer to finance and accounting solutions is provided.

The supplier management contains, next to the base master data, the standard price, frame work contract and EDI management. Individual configurable purchase forms can be automatically filled with predefined text and purchase order data.

Stock taking and stock management

Stock taking and stock management as a part of the material management are the connecting element between customer sales management, production planning and control and the purchase department.

Materials management fulfills all the tasks of inventory monitoring, evaluation, receipt and withdrawal of your materials in your company. Materials management is the link between customer order management, production control and purchasing management. In times of rising raw material prices and falling availability, materials management is becoming increasingly important and every advantage must be exploited.

GUSS expert supports you in your endeavour to improve overview and transparency using the following features:

     - Management and comparison of needs
       from production orders or purchase orders

     - Warehouse and inventory-managed MRP models in the order point process
       based on storage quantities, safety stocks, reorder points

     - Generation of direct orders and
        Order proposals from the MRP run

     - Dynamic storage location management for precise viewing
       according to the motto "Where is what"

     - Management of stocks by storage locations, with consideration of external ones
        Storage at the subcontractor

     - Consumption of input materials in the production process through backflushing
       along the manufacturing process

     - Inventory processing (annual and monthly inventory). Post consumption
       according to statistical indicators.

     - Reporting on material movements, material consumption, manufacturing costs or average prices
       and more

     - Depending on the manufacturing process, the connection of e.g. weighing devices is also possible
       can be realized for the material withdrawal posting

     - Master data such as item master, disposition data, storage locations

The feature for stock taking for purchase and production articles is available in the standard package.

Stock taking can be done separately for:

      -Article groups
      -Article characterisation
      -Article number

All stocked articles and their respective transactions are logged. Monetary stock assessment is done by using interfaces to third party finance and accounting systems.

Overview and transparency of all stock transaction including over of your warehouses is ensured at all times.

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