Production planning and control system

Various instruments and tools exist to describe, plan and execute your production process.

In addition to using company specific shift calendars for your precise capacity planning, scheduling tools using your unique production plan are available. Scheduling of bottle neck resources and processes can be done in daily planning. Integrated production order progress monitoring allows to keep up to date with your production and supports you in your casting sequence scheduling.

Recognizable features of the IPS Expert PPS solution are:

     - Work and material plan directly created out of product planning

     - Scheduling and capacity monitoring

     - Monitoring of production progress

     - Material Resource Planning

     - Connected to order-related data of the sales department

Production lead time with productive and waiting time will be calculated for each production order for each machine or work station and displays machine utilization.

Scheduling is freely customizable:

-Forward scheduling

-Backward scheduling

-Bottleneck scheduling

Capacity is shown as freely available, scheduled and as finished with production feedback.

All capacity planning units are freely customizable. All capacity is calculated against its real-world counterpart.

Break points in the capacity calculation control and monitor your production scheduling.

GUSS expert daily scheduling module is an instrument for detail planning. It can be used to plan machine capacity and display machine availability. The planned production process for each machine and production order is visually traceable. Production feedback data lucidly display all production progress.

All stock information of finished and unfinished products is managed by automatic stock entries.
All inventories are freely definable. Just as needed.

This way, each work step has access to a stock pile of work to be done.

The paperless management of production orders and stock is fully integrated and can be supported by the shop-floor solution BDE expert with its fully customizable user interface.

Demand- and stock-driven division of all castings for automatic scheduling and material resource planning run for various call-off schemes for your production process. EDI-functionality (Electronic Data Interchange) is supported by interface functions and our own host servers.

Integrated order progress functions for the lucid and uncomplicated monitoring of stock and finished products, which are ready for dispatch.


All sales orders are readily displayed in the sales view showing produced quantity and order status. Order confirmation with delivery dates, casting feedback, readiness for dispatch as well as invoice status are automatically checked for each sales order.

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