Sales management

Sales management from quotation to invoicing

The GUSS expert ERP system offers an integrated way to manage modern sales tasks. It offers a close connection to production orders and costing to always keep the sales department up-to-date.

Sales & Customer Relationship Management

The Sales&CRM system offers to manage your customer data thoroughly:

-Complete coverage of the sales process
All process from customer inquiries to the actual invoicing>

-Address and invoice data

-Standard prices, price agreements, surcharges and costing

-Document management
All documents available at a glance

-Unique forms for order confirmations, delivery notes etc. (incl multilingual support)

-EDI connectivity

-Various order types
Order progress and history for each article

Compact overview and management options of all relevant data used for order processing:

-Customer address management
incl. deviating delivery and invoice addresses

-Management of customer contacts

-Management of bank details, terms of payment etc.

-Breakdown of customers by revenue, branch etc.

-Detailed management of sales personnel and representatives responsible for account management

Your address and invoice data management are just the basis for your efficient and successful management and processing of your customer data.

The ERP solution GUSS expert has been developed for the process manufacturing industry and is therefore equipped for your various needs regarding sales management:

GUSS expert offers you to freely define:

-Price types like material/energy surcharges, post-processing costs, packaging costs etc.

-Price structure management

-Specification of standard prices for each customer and article incl. standard price history

-Customer-specific price agreements with validity date to each material

-Price units and prices for scale quantities

-Listings and currencies

All price structure can be displayed on individually configurable form layouts, according to customer specifications or company guide lines.

Click here to learn more about the integrated costing feature of GUSS expert.

The close connection of the sales and the production department, or rather the connection of all production and management departments of a business, is one of the cornerstones of the industry 4.0 principle.
GUSS expert supports you in achieving this connection with its various, tightly connected developments and tools:

-All feedback data relevant for sales, like “Products ready for dispatch”, are directly sent by the system to the responsible departments. The timely production data feedback is supported by the use of the BDE expert solution for production data feedback.

-The integrated workflow management system informs the responsible departments about the production progress, e.g. ”Delivery note ready”.

-All invoice management can directly be done within GUSS expert, where all necessary data is always up-to-date. The transfer of invoice data to additional finance solutions is done using interfaces.

-All information regarding sales orders, invoices, complaints etc. is automatically archived for each article.

No more loss of information during or a long time after the production process.

Not every sales order is like the other and must be handled accordingly.
GUSS expert supports you in the management of various, different order types ranging from simple productions orders to call-off orders with EDI support.

Every order type supports different processes and mechanism.
Find out here, if our order types are a match for you.

GUSS expert support EDI requirements for the sales as well as the purchase department of your company. Incoming orders can therebefore directly be managed with the integrated MRP system.

GUSS expert supports commonly used formats like:


(Delivery Forecast)

(Incoming orders and order changes)

(Delivery just in time)

(Invoice data)


Material resource planning (MRP)

The timely production and supply of demand- and stock-driven articles is the task of the material resource planning. The planning of sales orders is done by determination of needed articles for production and calculating stored articles as well as unfinished production orders. Oversupplying is mathematical impossible.

GUSS expert supports you in the tasks of automatically guided MRP and management of incoming sales orders.

Saving you time and money!

Sales management

With GUSS expert you are always optimally informed, be it about customer inquiries, your production progress or about invoicing.
The integrated e-mail-functionality and document management system make customer communication and data management less complicated.


The GUSS expert ERP solution supports your quotation management and hands out friendly reminders for quotations ready for resubmission.

All quotations can be delivered with their actual production costs thanks to the integrated costing functionality.

Pricing includes different price items for your specific price make-up.

Convert your successful quotation directly into sales order. No more multiple entries of the same information using GUSS expert by directly converting quotations in sales and production orders.

Be always informed about your sales order status. All sales data is automatically collected in the background.
Using the module for production data capturing, you can keep your customer up-to-date as well.

From quotation to invoicing

Have all your process ready at glance. All data is internally connected and can be traced back.

Produced articles are put together by sales order for writing delivery notes and are invoiced for each customer.

In the case of customer complaints, the integrated complaint management can be utilized. All activity is 100% traceable due to the internal process integration.

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